Well tonight now that the heatsink compound had arrived and started the build of my new system.

I got the whole thing put together.  (I even recorded a video of the build which is rendering as I write this).

As I’ve said before it’s a really good system. A good ASUS motherboard, Nvidea graphics, a total of eight gigabytes of RAM and a two terabyte hard drive.

The only problem is that after finishing the build and powering it on nothing showed up on my monitor except the message that it’s not getting a signal from the GPU.

As you can imagine I’m ready to scream right about now.

No way could I have been able to get a computer with as much potential if I’d had to save up for a Retail System.  For one thing it would have taken me at least another year and by then whatever I would have gotten would have been obsolete by the time I could afford it.

This system has the promise of being at least reasonably modern and definitely will, once it’s finally working, be powerful enough to let me do a lot of really cool stuff.

At the moment however it’s a brick.

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