This is not a joke

So here I was, busily working away at a rapidly approaching deadline when Ralph comes waltzing into my office.  I have two things to say about that right off.

First, he was literally waltzing his way in.  He’s done that kind of thing for a long time now.  He doesn’t just walk anywhere.  He waltzes.

Second, I really need to come up with some secure locks.  I keep my doors locked specifically because of these kinds of interruptions yet they don’t seem to stop anybody around here.  Usually when i go to check, the doors are locked just like I had left them.

After all that I found out that he was here to complain that his insurance agent insisted that he had to have general liability insurance on his car because of the state law that requires auto insurance.  He said that he didn’t mind getting insurance but that he didn’t want to go all fancy and expensive with general liability.  He preferred something like captain liability or corporal liability because they couldn’t possibly cost as much.

It took me twenty minutes of my valuable and rapidly vanishing time to convince him that “general” liability just meant that it was basic coverage and that there were no other “ranks” of liability insurance.  All he had to tell his agent was that he wanted state required minimum.

And people wonder why I’m thinking of moving out of Nutjob Hills.

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