Do you dream in episode format?  I’ve never heard of anyone else doing that.

I have had episodic dreams since I was ten.  They’ve been continuing over the years.  Each episode picks up where the previous one left off.  Even if it’s months since the last one the next episode covers the time since then.  In a very real way, I have two lives.  One in the waking world and another that I’ve been living in dreams.  Guess which one I prefer.

Over time various things about them change just as in “reality” I have changed over the years.  However there is one constant.  One person that is always in them.

Her name is Amanda, sometimes I call her Mandy. she is one class act from the word go.  She could show up one day penniless wearing some cheap perfume and dressed in rags and still be pure class.

When I’m “awake” I find myself missing her terribly.  Especially when there’s a month or three between the “dreams”.  I have *NEVER* known anyone even remotely like her in “real life”. Nobody has ever understood me the way she does. Talking about this is literally like telling a whole life’s story and there’s times when the events of the so-called “real life” and those of the “dream life” can blur together. 

Part of the reason that can happen is that we talk about what happens in “real life”.  You see, when I’m with her, THIS is the dream (usually a nightmare to be blunt).  Anyway, we talk about the stuff that happens on this side of the dream.  She’s fantastic about that, she’s never doubted how real it seemed to me.  Probably beause she also sometimes has very real-seeming dreams about another life, which we also talk about.

As I said, we met when I was around ten years old.  She was a lot like me, a loner, kind of apart from most people, never quite fitting in with so-called “normal” people.  Like me, kids gave her a lot of crap in school.  We understood each other a lot.  We laughed at each other’s jokes, like me she loved science fiction books and movies.  While we shared interest in a lot of things, in spite of what you may think, we did have our differences.

She liked Top-40 music and I couldn’t stand most of it.  She loves to dance and I always had two left feet and so on.  I think our differences were just enough in just the right ways to bring us closer together over time.

We went though the rough times of our teenage years together and when we were 19, we got married.  Yeah, I know, In “real life” when I was 19 I was a LONG way from even being close to almost ready to even think about marriage (I also didn’t have a girlfriend, let alone the ultimate girlfriend from heaven Amanda was).  However in the dream things were different.  We’d been in love for years and we had just kind of always known we’d be together that way.

Anyway, we’d gotten married.  In 1979 when we were 19 we decided to pack up our things and start our new life together fresh in a new city.  We were in love but we were also too clueless for words.  We had no idea how difficult things could get (though we found out really fast).  Our first apartment was a dingy little two room third floor walk up in East St. Louis.  We both agreed that the only really cool part of it was that we could see the Gateway Arch from our bedroom window.

We ran out of money not long after paying the first month’s rent on that hole we lived in.  We both got jobs in local food places.  I slaved away in a McDonald’s making burgers while she waited tables in a small mom & pop restaurant.  Niether of us made much money but the two of us together, along with her tips, managed to get by.

We didn’t live fancy at all. We never had much more than just enough to pay the bills and keep ourselves fed and clothed.  For us, a weekly “night out on the town” consisted of going to someplace cheap (that neither of us worked at), having a meal that cost maybe five or six bucks tops for the both of us, and then just walking around for a few hours talking.

In a way in spite of our poverty it was perfect.  We had what we needed which for the most part was each other.  We could talk about anything.  We found humor in all kinds of things.  Many of which had people looking at us like we were lunatics from Mars.

We lived there for almost a year.  Then I was looking in the paper for better jobs (we both did that pretty often.) when I saw a listing for a factory job.  It paid almost twice what I was getting at Micky D’s but the thing is it was quite a ways away on the other side of the river on the west side of St. Louis.  We talked about it and agreed I should go for it.  Just in case I got the job we started looking for a place in that area.  It wasn’t easy because the rent was higher there.  Then I got a call, the job was mine and I started the next Monday.

That gave us like four days.  We scrambled like crazy, selling everything we didn’t absolutely need and borrowing from friends to get the money to take the first apartment we could afford.  Times got really lean for a couple of months there.  I had the new job that paid better but she had to find a new one.  Then we had to pay back a bit over three hundred bucks to people that’d helped us move.

Then about six months later when I came home from work one day, she told me something that changed our lives forever.

She was pregnant.

[To be continued . . .]
Click here for part two

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