Man Threatened With Lawsuit For Proving RFID is Not secure

March 2nd, 2007 | Posted in Last Days, News, Politics, Privacy, Security, Technology | Comments Off on Man Threatened With Lawsuit For Proving RFID is Not secure

Not only is Big Brother making his presence felt more and more these
days. This especially goes for people who have the audacity to
demonstrate that one of Big Brother’s favorite toys (RFID) has serious
security flaws.

That’s what Chris Paget of IOActive
found out Monday when he planned to demonstrate a technique for easily
cloning RFID proximity cards at the Black Hat DC 2007 conference. HID
Global, the company that makes them threatened to sue for patent

Folks, that’s patently ridiculous. The man wasn’t out to steal yer
bloody patent, he was showing a hole in it big enough to drive a truck

Bad Move Gags Critics

Guess what? Radio frequency identification tags are insecure. But
don’t demonstrate the technology’s problems at a security conference.
If you do, HID Global, a manufacturer of access-control devices, might
sue you for patent infringement.

I expecially like the end of the article where the writer says

This is a case about misusing intellectual property laws to silence
critics who want to inform customers and consumers alike that the RFID
emperor has no clothes.

Sheer poetry.

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