Something I’ve found that the kind folks of Nujob Hills are more than willing to offer to anyone free of charge is advice.

It doesn’t matter what the topic or if the person giving the advice actually knows anything about it, they’ve almost all got some kind of advice to give for anything.

I was at the Nutjob Hills Diner the other day talking to Bob (not the rodent), who is a computer tech, about some problems I have with the microphone on my computer picking up lots of background noise and really taking away from the quality of my Minecraft videos.

As we were talking Willie came by and having managed to “overhear” some of our conversation (being a busybody is a favorite pastime around here) and then proceeded to advise me that getting a set of noise cancelling ear buds would eliminate the noise problem that I was having.

I had to resist the temptation to tell him that ear buds were not the problem or the solution because I was talking about a microphone and not speakers & such.  Telling him this wouldn’t have helped anyway.  He’d have either insisted that the ear buds would help or come up with something else equally useless.

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