With all that I have had to say over the last few years about Nutjob Hills and it’s many quirky natives it’s very easy to get the idea that it’s just a town full of loons, each with several dozen bats in their respective belfry’s. However that’s not quite true.  For example there is a genuine appreciation for the fine arts, music in particular.

For example take Hen3ry (the 3 is silent).  He is a lifelong musician.  specifically he’s a Bass player.  His specialty is in doing bass transcriptions of both classical and popular music.  I have to admit that it’s somewhat of a strange thing to hear Beethoven’s fifth symphony played entirely on a Bass but somehow Hen3ry managed to make it sound good.  Of course the same can be said for some conversions that he’s done of popular current music as well.

I honestly have never heard of anyone else doing something like that and really, I doubt that anyone besides Hen3ry could pull it off.  He’s got something of a special talent in doing this that I’ve never heard of in anyone else.

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