Weird Even For Nutjob Hills

June 8th, 2012 | Posted in Nutjob Hills | Comments Off on Weird Even For Nutjob Hills

It’s the neighbors of course.  Not the ones that have been there for a few years now but the ones that started moving into the empty house next door a while back.

First they brought in literally tons of musical instruments, amplifiers, speakers and such, then it looked for all the world like they were going to have no less than seventeen people living there (thank God THAT didn’t happen!) and now I don’t know what to think.

The latest batch of stuff being moved in is unusual to say the least.  I should take a second to point out that this 2,000 square foot house has enough stuff in it now to fill no less than FIVE houses of that size.  Exactly where they’re putting it all is beyond me.

What is it this time? a whole bunch of welding equipment ranging from large heavy bottles of gas, a dozen or more cutting torches, welding torches, at least two cases of brazing rods, the list goes on.  It looks like somebody spent fifty or sixty thousand dollars cleaning the entire inventory of their local smith equipment dealer.  If it’s got anything to do with welding or cutting metal with torches then they’ve probably got at least six full setups of whatever it is along with a month’s supply of consumables.

I cannot begin to imagine what might be next.

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