Ralph Middleton sat crouched in an alley. It was midnight. Where is Michelle – he questioned himself. Michelle, his newest case, was a ghost. She was supposed to meet Ralph in the alley, at midnight. Together, they only had one minute to make it to the Middle Grounds, protected by the only time of night that death took a breather.

So where was Michelle? Ralph checked his watch. She should be here! Suddenly, he heard a noise, it was Michelle floating above the roof.  Not having time to talk, he blurted out – “Let’s go!”

The Middle Grounds were only a mile away, and midnight was the only time Michelle could get there without being carried into the after-life.  Michelle and Ralph took off running.  Even going as fast as they could they still would never make it.

The clock moved to 12:01 and Death roared through the city.  Michelle and Ralph tried to move even faster.  The grounds came into view as they turned a corner, Michelle leaped over the border and fell.  She was safe for the time being however they both knew that this safety was short lived.  It wouldn’t last more than a day or two at best.

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