Here’s another bad idea come to life. I think advertising is already
more than sufficiently ‘in your face’ targeted. I don’t think for one
second that this is a good idea because it’s assuming that somebody
turning toward it means that they’re interested. More than likely they
turn toward it because they’re annoyed at the distracting advert
invading their shopping experience.

That said, I can’t help wondering how it interprets somebody raising a
hand and flipping it the ‘universal sign of intense disrespect’?

to a Grocer Near You: ‘Candid’ Camera

The system senses someone approaching and plays an advertisement
about a particular brand of shampoo on the shelf. Then its camera
"watches" to see how that person responds in real time, with special
software analyzing the footage. If someone’s face is front-on to the
display, the system assumes they are interested and continues
advertising that brand.

Source – TechNewsWorld

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