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Ever had a car that had a coolant leak? I have and it is an absolute
royal pain to deal with both in finding the leak in the first place and
then in getting it fixed. The problem is that when the leak is in the
radiator there is only so much you can do to fix it. Sooner or later you
come to the point where you have to face the music and realize that it’s
time to replace the thing.

Now these days there isn’t nearly as much about cars that the owner can
deal with themselves in terms of repairs, but there are still things
that owners and shade tree wannabe mechanics can take care of without
heading to the shop and spending a boatload of money.

This is where Radiator.com comes in. Their web site lists radiators for
a wide range of cars. Just looking at random, I found that I could get a Mercedes
for practically any model of Mercedes from the 190D to the
SLK320 and that the cost is supposed to be only a little more than a
used radiator or a re-cored unit. Now all I need is the Mercedes.

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