If you are into space exploration at all, or perhaps have fond memories
of movies like ‘2001: A Space Oddessey’, or ‘Silent Running’ and the
book versions of the stories, then you’ll just have to take a look at
these pics sent back by the Cassini spacecraft as it orbits Saturn.
Included are some fantastic shots of the rigned planed and several of
it’s moons.

Returns Amazing New Imagery from Saturn

SeaDour writes "The Cassini spacecraft has recently entered a
highly-inclined orbit around Saturn, revealing some never-before-seen
of the planet’s ring system as seen from above and below
the planet. ‘Sailing high above Saturn and seeing the rings spread out
beneath us like a giant, copper medallion is like exploring an alien
world we’ve never seen before. It just doesn’t look like the same
place. It’s so utterly breath-taking, it almost gives you vertigo.’
The spacecraft will eventually return to its standard orbit parallel
to the ring plane in late June."

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