The Pentagon Wants a ‘TiVo’ to Watch You

March 5th, 2007 | Posted in Hardware, Last Days, News, Privacy | Comments Off on The Pentagon Wants a ‘TiVo’ to Watch You

I’m not even sure why this one has taken so long to appear. The problem
with things like this is that the military and the government just can’t
seem to be satisfied in using them in their proper context. It isn’t
enough for them to keep toys like this to battlefield situations, they
just have to find opportunities to use them in civilian situations.

Would it be an invasion of privacy? You’d better believe it. A high
resolution sensor system and terabyte or larger database like this could
pack mountains of data in to nice mole-hill sized packages, ready for
Big Brother to review and make sure that we’re mindlessly chanting
"Slavery is Freedom, Freedom is Slavery"

And of course, if anyone has the unmitigated gall to protest, some idiot
will come out spouting brain dead drivel like "If you have nothing to
hide, then you have no reason to object"

Pentagon Wants a ‘TiVo’ to Watch You

An anonymous reader writes "Danger Room, a Wired blog, today cites
a study of future electronic snooping technologies from Reuters,
written by the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board. More than anything,
it seems these outside advisers want a surveillance system that would
put Big Brother to shame, and they’re looking at the commercial sector
to provide it. ‘The ability to record terabyte and larger databases
will provide an omnipresent knowledge of the present and the past that
can be used to rewind battle space observations in TiVo-like fashion
and to run recorded time backwards to help identify and locate even
low-level enemy forces. For example, after a car bomb detonates, one
would have the ability to play high-resolution data backward in time
to follows the vehicle back to the source, and then use that knowledge
to focus collection and gain additional information by organizing and
searching through archived data.’"

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