Cora’s Obsession

July 7th, 2012 | Posted in Nutjob Hills | Comments Off on Cora’s Obsession

After my last post it has occurred to me that it would be a good idea to venture into something not quite so serious of a topic.

After Thinking about it a bit I remembered Cora’s obsession.  I have to admit that it’s a bit on the odd side, even for Nutjob Hills.

You see, Cora is totally obsessed with Sterling silver jewelry.  Every single piece that she has ever been seen wearing, be it an earring, necklace, ring, or whatever is made primarily of Sterling silver.

You will likely never see her wearing stainless steel, copper, pearl or even gold. If it’s not at least 90 percent silver then she is not interested in it at all.

The odd thing is that her obsession does not stop with what she chooses to wear.  For the last several years she has been redecorating her house in Stirling silver jewelry.  Once a week when she gets paid she orders another piece from slane jewelry.  When it arrives she takes as much as two hours deciding where it is to be mounted permanently.

The walls and most of the various fixtures in her house are festooned with literally hundreds of pieces of silver jewelry.  You would think that something like this could not possibly be made to look good but somehow she’s managed to do just that.

If anybody else were to do something like this it would eventually look like a very expensive junkyard.  Not so in Cora’s case.  She has somehow managed to turn this potential nightmare into a difficult to describe work of art.  I cannot point to any one thing and say that it is the reason that this potential mess looks good however the whole thing taken together is, to say the least, impressive.  (not to mention expensive!)

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