To be perfectly clear, I am not talking about people who notice a mistake of some kind and then in a friendly way point it out and maybe even offer a suggestion to fix it.

No.  I am talking about those individuals who are so twisted as to actually find enjoyment in finding and nit-picking every single miniscule fault in anything and everything you do.

To these alleged “people” (I use the term very loosely here because I cannot think of a strong enough polite word for what I really want to call them) there is nothing so satisfying as the act of tearing down your work, your ideas, your implementation of those ideas, every mistake you make no matter how small is the most satisfying thing they can do.

It lets them show their superiority not only to you but to everyone that happens to be around.  This is especially important to the fault finder if they can perform their particular brand of destruction where your superiors can see it.  They not only want to destroy your work, they want to destroy you as well.  Professionally, psychologically, emotionally and if they could get away with it, physically.

The fault finders in this world have ruined more good things than you might imagine.  Things that the majority of people appreciate.  How many times have you seen something good come to a stop because the fault finders have managed to ruin it?  Too many by far I am sure.

Fault finders are everywhere.  Their obsession to destroy anything they themselves did not do or create that is even remotely appreciated by others is unfathomable.

What adds even more to my hatred of these creatures is that they themselves seldom if ever create.

Most of them exist only to destroy.

If you’re one of these fault finders I sincerely hope that somebody destroys something you value most.  Ideally while you are forced to watch helplessly.

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