The Assassination of Wi-Fi

March 5th, 2007 | Posted in Hardware, Internet, News, Technology | Comments Off on The Assassination of Wi-Fi

It seems that cellphone companies are trying to snuff Wi-Fi. They see it
as a competitor to their own wireless services. I don’t think that
they’re going to get it done ever. Internet on cellphone or similar
device is an interesting curiosity and some may even find it useful, but
personaly, If I can’t have my preferred desktop machine then I at least
want a full sized device such as a laptop with ability for wired and
Wi-Fi connections.

Assassination of Wi-Fi

justelite writes "John C. Dvorak from PC Magazine has up an article
looking at the new strategy of American cell-phone-service companies.
From article: ‘There is mounting evidence that the cellular service
companies are going to do whatever they can to kill Wi-Fi. After all,
it is a huge long-term threat to them. We’ve seen that the route to
success in America today is via public gullibility and general
ignorance. And these cell-phone-service companies are no dummies.’"

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