It seems that Nutjob Hills has yet another would-be superhero (As if EpicMan wasn’t enough).  This spandex wearing masked do-gooder is at least a bit different though.  He’s been flying about town displaying an amazing talent for showing up just exactly when a problem hits.

When you have a computer problem there is a real chance that before you can even identify what it is that GeekMan will show up, his cape resembling a gigantic pocket protector flapping in the breeze, tell you what’s wrong and offer to fix it for you or tell you how to fix it.

Of all the things that I’ve heard of him doing I have to say that most of them are small time enough, fixing things that average folks don’t know or have the time to learn about.  However there’s been a few things that I have to doubt.

Like recent claims that he helped a 98 year old woman install windows 7 ultimate on a Commodore 64.  I mean seriously, I’ve been around computers long enough to remember what a C64 is and roughly what it’s capable of and Windows seven isn’t even in the same reality as that machine.

I can’t wait for his real game to be revealed.  He’s up to something I’m certain and it’s only a matter of time before he’s caught and we find out who’s behind the horn rimmed glasses with tape on the bridge.

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