Y’know, I don’t think I expect too much of things & people.  Like for example, YouTube. I expect the site to work.  I expect to be able to watch videos without problems, to be able to write and respond to comments on those videos and to be able to upload my own videos with a minimum of hassle.

Since yesterday afternoon all I’ve gotten is hassle.

It started when I tried to upload episode 233 of my Minecraft adventure, “A Night In Skeleton Swamp”.  When the upload was about 25% done it stopped with an error.

In response to this I did what I always do for this (for me) rare situation.  I re-started the upload.  That attempt failed as well.

So I’ve spent the night trying again every hour or so, using different browsers and even tried moving it to my laptop to upload from there.  Nothing has helped at all.  It just failed for the 12th time a little while ago.

Now I’m re-rendering the whole thing just in case the file was somehow corrupted.

Combined with the fact that my jaw is hurting again for the first time in nearly six months, this has been one hell of a day.  The pain by itself is bad enough.  I really don’t need the added aggravation of continued YouTube failure to work right.

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