I stopped by America’s largest retailer recently to pick up a few odds & ends and while I was in the health & beauty section looking for a generic version of a popular painkiller I saw something odd.

There were several women sitting in lawn chairs at a table that was part of a display for the nearby lawn & garden center. They were chatting away like mad.  While I was there the big topic of discussion seemed to be exactly what was the best spray tan products and how did they compare to other types of tanning solutions.  (as if, in this heat, anybody needs something like that, all ya gotta do is go out side for a couple of minutes and you’ll tan yourself silly!)

Their husbands were all wandering around in places you’d expect guys to hang out while waiting on wives at the store, lawn & garden, hardware, sporting goods, automotive and even a couple in electronics looking at computers.  (That last isn’t exactly common here in Nutjob Hills.)

When I got home I realized a few hours later that I had forgotten something and had to go back to get it.  When I got there I saw that the same women were still there, chatting away (no idea about what, I didn’t get close enough this time).  In fact, there were actually a few more and now it looked like they had coffee and doughnuts as well.

Seems kinda extreme even for Nutjob Hills if ya ask me.

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