I’ve noted in the past that many of the citizens of Nutjob hills are collectors.  They’ve been known to collect all manner of things, many of which being things that I doubt that anyone else has ever considered collecting.

One such collector just got his start last week.  He calls himself a musician although the only time I’ve ever seen him doing anything “musical” is when he decided to sit in his front yard playing guitar, serenading his neighbors at four o’clock in the morning.

Recently he inherited a tidy sum and when people asked what he was going to do with it he said that he was going to build a guitar accessory museum.  He said that he has always been fascinated by the history and design of everything from picks to neck straps.

In his enthusiasm to begin his collection he ordered all of the Gator Accessories guitar center has to offer.  Not only that but he plans to repeat this comprehensive order for other brands over the next year until he’s got at least one of every type and brand of guitar accessory made.

As I understand it, he is currently storing all this in his basement while he has a warehouse renovated and converted into his museum.

If nothing else it should make for yet another addition to the tourist attractions list for Nutjob Hills.

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