Kelly has an unusual hobby, his hobby is odd even for Nutjob Hills.  He drives bankers nuts.

Specifically he likes to torment loan officers and waste their time.  For example he recently stopped in at the Nutjob Hills savings and loan to talk to their loan officer.

He told him that he wanted to take out a loan to buy a house.  They sat down and started doing the paperwork.  When the loan officer told him that he could get a good long term deal by using fixed annuity rates instead of variable rates.  Kelly let him have it with both barrels.

He immediately wanted to know why the rates had to be fixed.  Who had broken them and how?  Or were they just damaged in shipping?  Were they factory rejects?  He really wanted to know becuase he didn’t want to have to be maintaining or replacing them a few years later.

I heard that he went on like that for a full twenty five minutes before they had security escort him to the door with instructions not to retun.

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