It looks like the latest thing in movie delivery could well be the
"download and burn" variety.  Thing is, if I take the time to download a
movie at anywhere from 700K to 6gigs in length, I want to be able to not
only burn the thing, I want to not be concerned that some foolish DRM
system is going to someday foul up my ability to watch it. 

In that regard, I find myself in agreement with Steve Jobs (and I haven’t been interested in much of what he’s had to say since he stole Apple Computer from the Woz back in the 80’s)… It’s time for DRM to go the way of the dinosaur.  It’s day is over and we’re all going to cheer it’s death. 

And Burn Movies Available Soon

An anonymous reader writes "According to an article from PC World,
a source close to the CSS Managed Recording forum said that technology
which allows movies to be downloaded and burned to blank DVDs, using
the same content-protection system as commercial discs, received
official approval on Thursday. ‘The technology will require discs that
are slightly different from the conventional DVD-Rs found in shops
today. The burned discs will be compatible with the vast majority of
consumer DVD players … Despite Thursday’s approval, services that
allow consumers to legally download and burn movies in their own homes
are unlikely to appear quickly. The DVD CCA said it will be initially
restricted to professional uses. These might include kiosks in retail
stores where consumers can purchase and burn discs in a controlled

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