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According to yet another of the many rumors flying about concerning Bob is this little gem.

The anonymous rumormonger in question claims that Bob has not returned because he’s become addicted to solving puzzles.  Of course, this being a “Bob rumor”, the rumormonger cannot possibly be satisfied with letting people think that Bob is sitting at a table all day working on jigsaw puzzles.  Oh no.

This rumor comes complete with details that Bob is working on cast metal hanayama puzzles.  Those metal things that look like they are irreversibly connected together but if you know the secret, are actually easy to take apart but that most people spend hours, even days, before they manage to solve them.  If they ever do that is.

Even that was not enough for this particular rumormonger.  The rumor goes on to say that not only is Bob working on these puzzles most of the time, he is also allegedly writing a book with details of the solutions to many of them Something that I’m sure would go over really great with frustrated puzzle fans everywhere.

There’s only 0ne little hitch in this git-along.

Bob is totaly, completely, absolutely, the single most impatient person I’ve ever encountered.  He has to have everything “right now or yesterday”.  The idea that he would spend hour after hour working on something like this is truely laughable.

The only thing funnier will be to see his reaction to hearing this rumor someday.  THAT I’m looking forward to!

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