I’ve been asked when I will be writing more of the “Jupiter Mission” story.  Others have asked about other stories I’ve got in various stages.

All I can say is that I’ve been on the busy side and creativity cannot be rushed.  I do have several ideas but none of them are sufficiently developed to do much with them right now.

I’m also kinda busy with Youtube videos, particularly on my youtube.com/selif1 channel where I have three Minecraft series going and a Kerbal Space Program LP as well.  Before you say “Yeah, but those are just games.”  Maybe they are but because I’m a partner I actually do earn a bit of money from those videos in addition to having fun making them.  Granted, it’s not very much but every little bit helps when you’re behind on everything like I am.

The main thing though is the inspiration thing.  I learned a long time ago that you cannot hurry creativity.  To do so will ruin your work in any of a thousand ways.

When they’re ready.  When they’re right, I’ll be posting more stories.

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