Over the years some people have wondered why it is that I hardly ever voluntarily allow anyone into my house.  This is a good example of why.

You see, recently I had a new neighbor move in.  That house has has a number of tenants over the last few years and all of them have been stranger than the one before.  This guy is no exception.

Do I care if he does yoga on his front lawn at four A.M.?  No, not really, what I care about is the fact that he plays hard rock music at max volume while he does it.

Sitting here a few days afterward I still cannot honestly say why it is I let him in.  He wanted to borrow the phone.  Normally when I decide to let somebody use the phone I bring the cordless handset outside and let them use it there.

He finished his call and looked like he was about to leave and then he started talking about my furniture.  He started talking about how broken down most of it was and that he had this great idea about how fantastic the place would look with better stuff.  He said he knew where to get some of the best French bistro furniture anywhere and offered to take me there and show me what he was talking about.

Once again I had to waste a good half an hour convincing him that even if I wanted to, buying new furniture is simply out of the question because I’m doing good these days just to get my bills paid.

He’s been gone now for a couple of days.  I’m not looking forward to his return.

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