I’m sure that many readers are aware that I’ve had a Minecraft “Let’s Play” going for about a year and a half now.

Well, over time there’s been a number of people after me to try doing LP’s of other games in addition to Minecraft.  I’ve thought about this and honestly, there’s not been many games that interested me enough to do this.

This has changed recently with my discovery of Kerbal Space Program, a relatively new indy game in which you design, build and fly rockets (or watch ’em explode).  With practice you can fly a mission to the moon, land and return to Kerbin (the homeworld).

Here follows the first episode of a new LP I recently started.  The first few episodes were done with the demo version because I couldn’t spare the $18 to buy it yet though I did buy it as soon as I could.  This game is more than worth the money and is only going to get better as it’s development continues.

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