In the course of trying to do my level best to avoid any and all contact with my latest new neighbor and his fascination for four A.M. yoga and obsession with the quality of my footwear I often find that I cannot avoid him no matter what I do.

For example today I had to go out to the mailbox.  I didn’t particularly want to because I hardly ever get any mail that I actually want or have a use for, most of my mail goes straight into the trash can before I even get back inside.

Anyway.  While tending to that chore I was once again beset upon by my odd neighbor.  He had just returned from his mailbox and was opening a package right there on the street.

Because he seemed to be unusually excited I just had to ask what he’d gotten.  It turned out to be a digital ph meter.  Apparently he is very concerned about how acidic the tap water is.  He said that he is certain that it’s at a dangerously unhealthy level and this meter will confirm his suspicions.

Apparently he’s prepared to blow huge chunks of cash to put a water treatment system in his home to make sure that it doesn’t get too acidic.

I can understand a certain (albeit small) amount of concern for such things but I could tell by the way he talked about it and the obvious intensity of his worry over this that it was much more than a normal level of concern over something that, honestly, is pretty trivial.  He’s downright phobic about it.

Of course, along the way he offered to test my water but I assured him that I had no doubt that it would be the same as his because we’re hooked up to the same water main.  He tried to press the issue some but he was in too much of a hurry to go test his own water.

Just once I’d like to have an actual, real life, sane person for a neighbor.

Now THAT would be a change!

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