It’s strange how the odd things tend to happen in bunches.  Things can be nice and sane for days or even weeks at a time and then several incidends of oddness will crop up in rapid succession.

A good example of this is the rumor mill.  That oddly never ending process by which strange and extremely unlikely stories about Bob are produced, shared, and believed in by a seemingly endless pool of people.

One of the most recent examples of this is a genuinely oddball rumor that claims Bob has started a new diet that is supposedly intended to reduce his weight and make him soft and fluffy all at the same time.

The rumormonger responsible for this bit of mental excrement claims that Bob has invented the fiberfill diet.  In this allleged diet plan one apparently is expected to consume pillow stuffing.  The idea being that if you’re full of that you won’t be eating food with actual calories in it.  Never mind that the stuff is probably toxic.

The only question I have here is WHY would Bob need to lose weight?  I mean really, he weighs like all of fifteen ounces soaking wet.

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Filed under: Nutjob Hills

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