Y’know the saying that things tend to happen in threes?  Well I think that rumors must happen in fours.  I say this because in the last couple of days, after over a week of not seeing any, I’ve encountered no less than four new “Bob rumors”.  As usual each is more unlikely and odd than the one before it.  Thinking back though I think I see a trend in that most of the time, they seem to be appearing four at a time.

This latest one is particularly unlikely.  The rumormonger responsible for this one claims that Bob is very busy these days using one of those new ni maschine devices to compose the sound track for no less the three major motion pictures.  Thing is, I can’t possibly imagine how he could do this considering that Bob has the ultimate tin ear.

Besides that, I’ve never known him to be in to music all that much to begin with.  Never mind actually composing music in any way.  Granted, a device like this lets you create music by working with sound sample clips instead of actually writing out sheet music and playing it on a piano, guitar or harmonica.  I still doubt that Bob would be interested in something like this.  Oh he’d love the money involved but I doubt that he could create any kind of music that didn’t sound like a car wreck happening in slow motion and backwards.

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