There’s a guy in town who just got a dog.  He’s never owned one before, or had any pets at all for that matter.  He decided to get one after a recent rash of break-ins in his neighborhood.

So he started asking around and eventually ended up getting one.  Of course, this being Nutjob Hills it wouldn’t do at all for the story to end there.  Oh, no.

You see, our hapless new dog owner was genuinely clueless about dogs and ended up at the jewelry store the next day looking at raymond weil watches.  When people asked later why he wasn’t wearing his new watch he explained that he didn’t get it for himself.

You see, the pet shop he bought the dog from told him that this was a watch dog.  And so, he promptly went out and bought the dog a watch.

Yeah, I can hardly believe it myself and I’ve been living here for over ten years.

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