Here it is well into November and of course, the one thing that you see the most any time you pay any attention to advertising (I don’t anymore) is Christmas related ads.  Granted it’s not even Thanksgiving yet but that doesn’t generlly stop advertisers and retailers at all.

What most people don’t think of too much at this time of year however is that in addition to the approaching holiday it is also very much the “off season” for summer related items.

Joey B. realized this recently and decided to take advantage of it.  He did some looking around at some regional retailers and found that he could get five swimming pool pumps for about the same price that he would normally have to pay for one in the peak of the summer season.  Because of this he went all out and bought twenty of them.

I know, the first thing you’re going to ask is “what on Earth is he going to do with twenty swimming pool pumps??!!?”.  But you see it really was a good idea for him to do this because in the summer he’ll turn around and sell them for ten percent less than anyone else and make a small fortune in the process.

Sadly, I can neither afford to do this nor would I know the first thing about how to sell them. 

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