One of the rumors about Bob that has a tendency to cycle around once in a while is that he’s become a devout churchgoer and because of that has completely given up all of his old ways and doing things like making videos or chasing girls.

This rumor is so patently false it’s not even funny anymore.

Point 1, Bob will *NEVER* give up chasing girls.  Especially if they’ve been in even one episode of “Babes of Star Trek Gone Wild”.

Point 2, There’s no place for him in a church.  You can make all the jokes about church-mice that you want (just don’t let Bob hear you!!!) but they change nothing about the fact that there is absolutely no seating arrangements that suit him at all.  Regular church pews are useless to him and church pew chairs are not one bit better, Either being large enough compared to him that it would be like you or me sitting on the floor.  There is also the very real danger that somebody will sit on him because they didn’t see him there.

Point 3, People react funny to seeing him there.  To be specific, they usually say something about there being a rat and then try to swat him with a broom, shoe or extra large purse that weighs fifty pounds.

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Filed under: Nutjob Hills

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