One of the things about all the rumors about Bob is that somehow there is always a connection to ways in which the rumormonger will profit from the spreading of these rumors.  They’re not just doing it for fun.

Most of the time it’s anything but clear as to exactly how someone can profit from these rumors but in the case of one it’s pretty obvious.  The rumormonger in question claims that because Bob is such an iconic youtube personality with millions of fans he’s elected to get into merchandizing.  Specifically the rumor claims that he’s created a whole line of “Bob Merch” that has either his picture, name or both on it and which sells for typically inflated “merch” prices.

The “merch” in question can take almost any form from school notebooks, backpacks, pencil holders, ashtrays, designer toasters and shot glasses and more.  One can of course expect to find personalized acrylic tumblers in this collection as well as designer paper plates and “fashion toilet paper” that is apparently intended to be used only as a decoration in rooms other than the bathroom.

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