Seems like this is some kind of season for people here in Nutjob Hills to decide to go into business for themselves.  The only problem with that is that I think most of these business ventures aren’t going to end well.

For example there’s one guy that’s decided to sell what basically amounts to assorted junk that he’s had in his garage for years.  He’s doing this by calling it “fancy decorating stuff”.  The thing is that I doubt very many people are going to want to decorate their home with an old rusted out lawnmower that doesn’t even run.

Another guy seems to have a better idea, having set up a machine shop to make parts that people actually use when rebuilding car engines.  Not only that but he’s not gone “all in” and quit his day job either.  This one I think stands a chance of success.

Then one of the recent additions to this list is a guy that’s decided that he doesn’t like the selection of bedding that’s available in local stores.  Admittedly the selection is kind of limited but that’s just the way it happens in small towns.

He however has decided that, for bedding stuffs, this is not going to remain true for Nutjob Hills and has invested quite a bit in getting himself set up as the linen duvet cover king.  Of course the one problem with a moniker like that is that as far as I know most people wouldn’t know a duvet from a mailbox.  I know I had no idea what it was until I took a few minutes to google it.

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