So it seems (as I kinda figured it would be) that yoga guy, while he might be down for now, is anything but out.  He’s bound and determined to make his four in the morning blast of music while he practices his yoga happen on a daily basis (at least until somebody finally feeds him to the zombies in sheer sleepless exhaustion).

Having recently had his “music” put to a stop because of a local ordinace about the size of certain things in one’s garden (his speakers were over five feet!), he’s once again set out to get a live band together.

As before, what he is after is not actual music or quality sound as it is volume.  Therefore toward that end he’s once again holding rehersals, tryouts, whatever you want to call them.  In doing this he’s working out a system that will remove any person or band from consideration that actually sounds pleasant to the ear or displays any form of actual skill.

He got right down to business today by telling the first guy looking for a gig to leave because he was carrying a gibson les paul melody maker which is a sure sign that the person in question actually knows at least something of what he’s doing in music or he wouldn’t bother with such a quality instrument.

People coming by with off-brand stuff, and / or things that were jammed into incorrect or just plain wrong cases, ideally homemade cases, got past the first stage of testing.  One guy currently in the lead has the kind of voice that actually hurts your ears just to hear him speak.  I don’t even want to think about what he sounds like singing.

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