Having completed his first three rounds of auditions yoga guy has begun getting things set up for the first practice run that is supposed to happen tomorrow night.

In addition to the live ‘music’, he is also going to have a number of recordings going, to be handled by a professional DJ.

He did have a problem finding one that would accept the job because once they find out exactly what he wants them to do they look at him like he’s an insane Martian and leave, refusing to even consider taking the job.

Then along comes Dee.  She’s new on the DJ scene and has had some hard times getting started because nobody knows her yet (she’s also new in town and that isn’t helping any). 

When she heard about this job that no other DJ would take, she just had to check it out.  She figured that if she could make a success of a job that nobody else would take, that would earn her some notoriety.

She got the job without even a tryout or demo tape.  You see, during the interview yoga guy asked about how she got started as a DJ.  She told him that it just seemed like a natural thing for her, seeing that her name is Dee Jay, taking that profession was obvious to her so she bought a usb dj controller at musicians friend and took an afternoon learning how to connect it to her laptop and use it to play her monstrous library of music and decided then and there that Dee Jay was in fact, a DJ.

I swear this is not going to end well.

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