Once again I find myself encountering a number of rumors about Bob however this time even I have to say that some of them have a bit of an actually interesting twist that I hadn’t expected.

You see, it seems that a particular rumormonger has heard of my tale of woe concerning the neighbor that I refer to as “yoga guy” who insists on practicing his yoga in his front yard at four A.M. with hideously loud (and hideous sounding) “music” playing loud enough to awaken the dead in neighboring towns.

There are now several rumors saying that Bob is once again putting together a band and that this band, freshly equipped with no less than 35 brand new Jackson Guitars> will be performing in one of yoga guy’s upcoming “concerts”.

Again I have to reiterate that Bob is physically incapable of playing guitar because he is simply too small to use any existing brand or size of guitar that is currently made.

Besides which, I happen to know that he finds the whole “play uber loud music and smash guitars on stage” thing to be really stupid.  Even if he *could* play guitar (or any other instrument), he’d never have anything to do with the likes of yoga guy.  In fact, he’d despise the man’s very existence.

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