Another of the ways that I have found for building blog traffic and at
least as importantly, increasing inbound links and therefore building
pagerank, is

It’s a social networking site where people submit blog entries, web
pages, articles and so on to a central database that anyone can search.
Each ‘digg’ on a particular thing is a vote for it’s popularity. Things
submitted to digg will, if enough people ‘digg’ it, become popular and
be listed on the front page of the category that it’s submitted to. If
it gets popular enough, it shows up on the front page of the site where
lots of people will see it.

Digging your own stuff is ok so far as I understand, but you want to be
reasonable about it and not do so much so fast that you get labled a

Mostly, you want to use the ‘digg tools
that they provide to put links on your blog and or web pages to
encourage readers to ‘digg’ your stuff.

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