Have you ever had somebody offer advice that turned out to be so much less than helpful that it was in fact absolutely zero help at all?

I get that sort of thing all the time.  I’m not entirely sure why because I don’t have the problem of not speaking clearly and exactly or making it precisely clear as to what I am talking about.

For example recently I had a sound problem with my computer after replacing the hard drive.  I had not changed any other hardware yet when I attempted to record game videos the in-game sound was drowning me out where it had not been doing that before.

Several people offered what they thought was good advice, telling me that I should get a new mic.  Some of these people even went so far as to recommend specific devices.  While this sounds helpful in most cases it really was not.  for example one person sent me a link and said “Here’s the answer to your problem.  You can buy sennheiser hd280 here”.  I checked the link and indeed it was a decent headset.  The only problem is that this model does not have a microphone and that is the one thing that I need more than any other component.

Thankfully I have since solved my sound problems.  Not with new hardware but with new configuration settings in both the windows sound mixer and in the games themselves.

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