Have you ever considered what English would sound like without Personal pronouns?  There’s a guy in Nutjob Hills that can give you an excellent preview of that picture.

You see, Henry has, as far as anyone can recall, used a personal pronoun in his life.  Because of this his speech sounds rather strange and direct, almost blunt.  For example if a store clerk asks him what he’s looking for he’ll answer something like “mount for ipad” where you or I might say “I need a mount for my ipad”.  When he orders at a restaurant he simply lists the things he wants and any special instructions without bothering to preface it with something like “I’ll have” or “I’d like” and so on.

In one respect I have to admit it is a bit strange but on the other hand it’s also strangely refreshing.  Clear, concise communication with a lot of non-information cleanly clipped out.

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