C. Ellory K. is a mostly normal guy that was born and raised right here in Nutjob Hills.  His name is a bit unusual because his mother was quite a lot unusual.  as far as I am aware, nobody knows what the C. stands for, he never answers questions about it and never uses it.  Most folks around here just call him “Celery” and leave it at that.

Celery had a dream.  He wanted to be a successful businessman, specifically he wanted to sell cars.  He was always fascinated by them.  He tried learning to be a mechanic and failed miserably.  He understood the concepts easily enough but when it came to actually putting them into practice he just couldn’t get it right.

Realizing that he’d never succeed that way he changed his direction to sales.  This way he wouldn’t have to deal with the mechanical aspect, just the people and honestly, this was a better choice because Celery was always good with people and everybody likes him right away.  He’s just that kind of guy.

Not long ago he came into an inheritance and decided that he was going to use it to get his dream business going.  He spent a lot of time researching every aspect and two months later he had his grand opening.

His is a slightly different kind of car lot.  Not only does he sell both new and used cars but he also has a secondary lot in the back where he restores and then sells used rental cars.  He says that rental cars are different than those that have been owed by private individuals.

According to him while they typically accumulate miles driven quite a bit faster than normal, they’re usually very well taken care of and when they reach the point where the rental agency sells them it’s almost never due to mechanical problems.  Rather he says that they normally sell cars after they’re a year or two old because they want to keep more of the recent models in stocks.  Apparently people renting cars are less likely to do so if they can’t get something fairly new.

While his business is still very new, he’s been doing pretty good.  I’m sure that part of the reason is the fact that he grew up around here and a lot of people have known him their entire lives.  That combined with the fact that he’s very much a “people person” has gone a long way toward his success.

The fact that three of the other car lots in town are owned and operated by “big city corporations” has also contributed quite a bit to his success.

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