In a move that a lot of people are going to think has them in the front
running for the national "what took you so long" award, NASA has
apparently only just gotten around to firing Lisa Nowack.

I don’t doubt that she is in need of help (not to mention her potential
for jail time right now). Some might even think that NASA was going too
far to fire her, but on the other hand, there’s been plenty enough time
for her to resign or take a leave of absence Not only that, but after
what’s happened, even if she beats the charges and is found not guilty,
there’s no way NASA is ever going to let her aboard a spacecraft again.

Fires Astronaut

davidwr writes "In an unprecedented move for an unprecedented
situation, NASA has fired now-former astronaut Lisa Nowack. She is
facing charges of attempted kidnapping related to an incident earlier
this year. Ms. Nowack is a Navy officer and remains so."

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