No, I’m not referring to the concept of making backup copies of BS, that would at least have the potential to make some form of something that at least resembles “sense” (though not common).

It seems that certain rumormongers have taken exception to statements that I’ve made indicating that I know for a fact that rumors about Bob are totally and completely false.  One such rumormonger even claimed that he could produce emails from a well known Raleigh accountant that would easily verify such things as Bob purchasing several tens of thousands of dollars worth of cigars and humidors to put them in and even a metal outbuilding to store those in.

I don’t doubt that he could.  For that matter, given a bit of time to do some research I have no doubt that *I* could produce such an email.  That however wouldn’t make it the least bit genuine.

IF such an email were to appear and have a verifiable legitimate PGP signature created with the private key of a well known accountant, using the same key that he uses on all of his correspondence, then maybe they’d have something.  But you see, I know for a fact that they’ll never produce anything like that.

Because the claims in those rumors are false.  I know they’re false and they know that I know they’re false.

It’s time they packed up and went home

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