So not long ago I was working on a particularly frustrating ship design for Kerbal Space Program.  The problem was however that I just couldn’t seem to get certain parts to attach in the way that I needed them to.

I spent several days trying everything I could think of.  Part of the issue is a bug in the VAB that often times prevents things from attaching radially even though they’re supposed to be able to attach that way.

Normally the way to fix this is to attach said part to any location that will accept it and then move it to where you want it.  However in this case it just wouldn’t work.  I was talking about this to somebody at the Nutjob Hills Diner and a local mechanic suggested that I use some large u bolts to strap the two parts together.

This mechanic, known locally as “U”, has a strange fixation on u bolts.  For reasons only he truely understands, he will go out of his way to use a u bolt at every possible opportunity when fastening any given two part together, even when they look like total crap as a result.

When I told him that I’d be glad to try his suggestion but Kerbal Space Program does not have u bolts he said, with a dismayed look on his face, that it was clearly broken and needed to have them added.

I decided not to pursue the issue and drop it.  He’d never have understood that building rockets that way just plain wouldn’t work.

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