‘Big brother’ surveillance makes waves in Sweden

March 9th, 2007 | Posted in Internet, Last Days, News, Politics, Privacy, Security | Comments Off on ‘Big brother’ surveillance makes waves in Sweden

Thanks to new legislation being considered in Sweden, it will become
legally possible for a Swedish government agency to tap all internet and
telephone communications in and out of Sweden.

This means that the right to privacy is taking another major hit there.
As a result of this, I strongly suggest that any and all emails crossing
into their jurisdiction should be encrypted. I also suggest that when
browsing websites known to be hosted on servers in Sweden that you
should anonymize your web browser, such as by using Tor
and Privoxy with Firefox.

The next thing to consider is the question of how long before this kind
of thing spreads across the rest of Europe? How long before the US
government decides to engage in this level of snooping?

‘Big brother’
surveillance makes waves in Sweden

A far-reaching wiretapping programme proposed by Sweden’s
government to defend against foreign threats, including monitoring
emails and telephone calls, has stirred up a fiery debate in the past
few weeks, with critics decrying the creation of a "big brother"
state.The new legislation, to be presented to parliament on Thursday,
would enable the National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA) to tap all
Internet and telephone communication in and out of Sweden.

Don’t make it easy for the snoops! At the very least, learn to encrypt
your emails

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