Nutjob Hills is, as I’ve said for a long time now, a somewhat strange little town that is populated by a fairly high percentage of somewhat strange and often downright crazy people.  This is one example.

Joey B. is a kid that is graduating high school this spring.  He’s a lot like most kids his age with one exception.  He actually has a very firm idea of what kind of work he wants to do.  Specifically, he wants to go into business as an interior decorator.

What’s strange about that you ask?  Nothing.  The strangeness comes in when you see what his idea of a great interior looks like.  You’ve no doubt seen yards where people have birdbaths or some kind of outdoor fountains.  Joey has this idea, he calls it revolutionary and is certain that it will be THE big thing in interiors over the next ten years.

What he wants to do is start a trend of people having fountains . . . indoors.

These fountains would be a centerpiece of a living room or den.  In homes with large enough bathrooms they could even be functional as part of the shower system.

Somehow I get the feeling that Joey might just be in for a rude surprise when he finds out that not very many people are going to want a fountain in their living room.  If only because it’d get in the way of the TV.

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