Once again Joey C. is taking a stab at going into business for himself.  This would be the sixth attempt to start a business that actually runs at a profit and has some kind of a future.

Like his previous attempts, this one has something unusual about it.  He considers this to be an absolutely brilliant idea and he doesn’t understand why nobody has tried this before.

I first found out about it one day when having morning coffee at the Nutjob Hills diner when Joey came in and handed out some advertising that he had made up at one of those online flyer printing e-business websites.

It turns out that he’s opening a “slightly used car lot” which will specialise in rag-tops.  However these are not your father’s rag-tops. No. In fact these aren’t actually convertibles at all. (for those not familiar with the term, the expression “ragtop” is often used to refer to a convertible)

These are actually normal used cars with a lot of brightly colored rags glued to the roof.  Joey says it’s to hide the fact that the paint is worn and peeling.  He says that the rags are a lot cheaper than a paint job and give the cars a really “colorful” look.

I give this one a week, tops.

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