Analysts claim Fear and is the reason for Objections to Dubai port deal

March 6th, 2006 | Posted in News, Security | Comments Off on Analysts claim Fear and is the reason for Objections to Dubai port deal

This just proves that among other things, policy analysts aren’t really listening to what people are saying. The objections to the Dubai port deal are many, but they’re not based on isolationism or fear.

They’re based on simple security principal that almost anyone can understand; Dubai is a State owned Saudi company. The Saudi’s have been involved in supporting state sponsored terrorism. Allowing them to have control over ANY of our major ports is a strategically unsound move.

Simply put, NO foriegn interests, regardless of who they are, should control ANY American ports, any more than the mouse should be left guarding the cheese.

Fear, not isolationism, drives ports outcry
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The public outcry over the proposed takeover of cargo operations at six U.S. ports by a company based in Dubai reveals a U.S. electorate beset by anxiety and fatigue, policy analysts said.

“There is a low-level anxiety pervading U.S. society. It’s different from anything we’ve seen in the past,” said Karlyn Bowman who analyzes public opinion trends at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

Since the September 11 attacks, polls have constantly shown that more than two-thirds of the public expects another attack within a year and that figure has not fallen over time. The public also identifies lack of port security as a major U.S. vulnerability.

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