I don’t know why but it is indeed still happening.  Rumors and urban legends about Bob continue to abound.  This in spite of the fact that there’s no reason for them anymore.  I guess some people just don’t know when to quit.

One of the latest ones has a rumormonger claiming that Bob is preparing to set up his corporate headquarters in North Carolina.  It seems that this claim is based on another rumor that claimed that Bob has a team of accountants looking for the best car insurance rates Burlington NC has to offer for insuring whole fleets of vehicles at once.

The rumormonger goes on to claim that, unbeknownst to just about everyone not directly involved, Bob has allegedly formed a multinational mega corporation that he is going to use to literally take over the financial world.

Yeah.  Right.  That’s gonna happen.  Even IF there was any reason to suspect Bob of being a business type (he isn’t).

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