One of the things that’s pretty common in Nutjob Hills is confusion.  Even in normal towns confusion is something that happens pretty easily, often because somebody only heard part of something and then takes what they heard in the wrong context.

This is sort of that kind of situation but even then it’s still mostly peculiar to Nutjob Hills because this sort of thing just doesn’t happen in other places.

Somebody at the Nutjob Hills Diner a few days ago fell victim to this when they overheard a guy at the next table asking “do i qualify for chapter 7?”.  Being a lawyer (albeit one from out of town) they just had to jump in with a bit of free advice about how to tell if you qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

They were a bit embarrassed and quite confused when the person whose question there had been attempting to answer told them that this wasn’t about money, it was about a book.

You see a local writer was working on a new novel and had hired a few people to read new chapters and provide feedback as they were completed.  In order to qualify to get the next chapter each reader would have to satisfy the writer that they had actually read and comprehended the previous chapter and how it integrated into the story as a whole.

(Fortunately once the book is published such requirements will not be part of the deal.)

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