I was having coffee at the Nutjob Hills Diner the other day (yeah, I do that a lot, they’ve got good coffee) when a kid in his early twenties came in carrying a guitar.

I commented to the waitress that it looked like yoga guy (Note: I used his real name in the conversation, I only call him “yoga guy” when I write about him) had another noise festival planned.

The kid looked at me and said “I’ve heard of him.  He couldn’t pay me enough to waste my variax on something as horrible as what he wants.”

I replied that I was glad to hear it but just had to ask “I’ve heard of a lot of instruments but just what is a variax?”

He replied that it was his guitar.  It seems that the variax is a new-ish kind of guitar that combines classic guitar design with modern electronics and allows it to sound like any of several classic guitars from a Fender Stratocaster to a Gibson Banjo.

He said that their versatility was making them more popular over traditional instruments because the one thing could be used in a lot more situations.  This means that a professions guitar player need not carry as many different instruments with them when travelling.

Finally.  A real live musician that is apparently immune to yoga guy’s temptations.

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